Meet your Creative Chicas!

Long time crafters, Sare and Yaminah met while crafting for a mutual friend's wedding. After spending many late nights preparing for the wedding events, they began to share best practices and new ways to create - separately and together.  Soon recognizing the need for a supportive space where they could harbor creative entrepreneurship and inspiration to make every single day awesome!  They decided to dedicate their time to help people bring out their inner glitter in the local crafting community.  They saw that Parma had a huge need for a space to shop for and talk crafts.

Just like that, Creative Cabana was born.

At the Creative Cabana, Sare and Yami curate events, promote education, and community for creative and passionate crafters. Their goal is to:

  • Provide a safe space for crafters to meet and learn from each other 

  • Prepare a monthly calendar to engage local artists to teach their craft

  • Foster a sense of community over competition

  • Showcase local artists work and provide a place for them to offer it to the public

  • Supply their community with quality products at an affordable price